Entrevista al Grupo 2 de 3ºESO A del Colegio San José de las Hijas de la Caridad

Desde el Colegio San José de Valdemoro hemos realizado una serie de entrevistas con los 10 subgrupos de 3ºESO A y 3ºESO B que participan en esta edición de Retotech 2019-2020.

Nuestros proyectos se enmarcan en la ayuda a los alumnos TEA. Os dejo la cuarta de las entrevistas, en formato vídeo y transcrita, esperamos que os guste:

Entrevista grabada del Grupo 2 de 3ºESO A:

Entrevista escrita del Grupo 2 de 3ºESO A:

C: Hello, today we´re going to talk with a student of San Jose´s school about Retotech.

M: Hi, I´m Marta and I’m going to tell you about my group´s project.

C: Well, what ‘s the project about?

M: This project is for try to help the TEA students in our class.

C: What is the TEA?

M: Well, it’s a neurobiological disorder that affects to the central system producing some disabilities which can cause some complications in their daily life.

C: What type of disabilities?

M: They can present some problems with the verbal communication between two people or express their feelings to someone. It can be very confusing sometimes because they don’t have any empathy.

C: Have they anything in common?

M:  Yes, they have some facts in common like: lack of empathy, hypersensitivity to sounds or touch, echolalia or stereotypy.

C: Are they in the classroom all the time?

M: Not all the time but most of it yes, if they aren’t in the class maybe they are in a support classroom or in the TEA class.

C: How they work in the TEA classes?

M: They work with a lot of different colours, textures and pictograms for a better learning, their classes are very decorated and have a lot of different audio-visual materials which can help them to understand better the lessons.

C: Now we´re going to talk about your project. How do you think that it can make easier their daily life?

M: We think it can be very helpful for them to learn daily routines and communicate themselves in a better way because they usually communicate with syllables or simple words.

C: And what’s your project about?

M: Okay, we are going to do a communicating board about daily routines that they should do in a normal day, like brush your teeth, have a shower, have breakfast, go to school…

C:  And what do you use it for?

M: You use it for learn the order of a routine touching the bottoms in the correct order, so in this way you can learn it.

C: What materials are you going to use for the project?

M: We are going to use, recycled wood, wires, some push buttons and pictograms.

C: Whoa! It looks very good, we´ll see the final product when you finished it. (He addresses the public) And that’s all my friends, I hope you like it, and thanks for watching, bye.

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